WhitePaper DVR

As illustrated by the first deployments, Cloud DVR technology is ready and television viewers are finding this new service very appealing. Indeed, cloud DVR will free viewers from all existing barriers inherent in traditional TV recording systems by allowing them to record a potentially unlimited number of programs, simultaneously if they wish, and replay them on any device of their choice at any time.

More than 20 Cloud DVR services have already been launched in Europe. First feedback indicates that this is an opportunity for operators to monitor capital expenditure and raise average revenue per user. These first large scale deployments however occurred in an uncertain legal environment and a rather defensive approach from content owners with respect to this innovation.

However, certain countries are leading the way to a brighter future, creating regulations that allow the deployment of cloud DVR services under favorable conditions for all the different stakeholders. However, the regulatory and business environments are likely to remain uncertain and will evolve slowly over time. Telecom operators willing to deploy cloud DVR solutions in this period will have to choose flexible technical solutions that enable them to (… Read more …).

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