Anevia Launches ViaMotion 3.4

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Paris – September 03, 2013 – Anevia, a leader in video streaming solutions and service infrastructure for live TV and video on demand (VOD), today announced the general availability of version 3.4 of its ViaMotion head-end server suite, the next generation of multiscreen and over-the-top (OTT) video streaming solutions.

With advanced redundancy and synchronization features, the ViaMotion suite was designed to integrate with high availability infrastructures. Its built-in origin server and packager enable live and on-demand video streaming to any type of viewing device: tablets, smartphones, PCs and connected TVs. Formats supported include Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), Microsoft Smooth Streaming, Adobe HDS, and MPEG-DASH.

The Anevia development team has ensured that every single component of version 3.4 of its head-end server suite includes an impressive array of innovative features allowing Telcos, broadcasters and content owners to further optimize and monetize their video experience.

ViaMotion Plus and Packagers: more agnostic and interoperable than ever

The new ViaMotion Plus and Packagers go a step further in interoperability by extending the list of supported encoders while also supporting the multibitrate TS standard through the integration of the new Encoder Boundary Point (EBP) specifications from Cablelabs.

Anevia was the first industry player to introduce an MPEG-DASH packager and continues to innovate by enabling multi-DRM on a single stream through native support of MPEG-CENC schemes. The latest ViaMotion Plus also supports the standardized SAMPLE-AES encryption and WebVTT subtitles that are part of the new HLS v.5 specification for Apple iOS including the latest OS 7.

In terms of audio codecs, this latest release adds support for Dolby Digital, the acclaimed leader in high quality audio for the broadcast industry.

More customization in the ViaMotion Streamer

Anevia’s origin server now includes native input support of all HLS versions while offering customizable archiving duration for start-over services to be deployed over different viewing devices.

“Reinforcing our technological leadership on the OTT market, ViaMotion 3.4 opens up new revenue streams for Telcos, broadcasters and content owners worldwide”, Christelle faure, COO at Anevia, explains. “They can now provide an optimized video experience to their customers while achieving the long promised savings in core bandwidth, storage and integration.”

Anevia ( is a leader in the creation of software infrastructure for the delivery of live television and video-on-demand services. Founded in 2003 by the developers of the VLC media-player, Anevia has pioneered the development of video content delivery networks which give television viewers wide freedom of choice in what, when and where they watch. Anevia products are used successfully in markets such as broadcasting, tier 1 and tier 2 telecommunications, and in many private and public companies. Headquartered in France, Anevia is a globally active company with regional offices in the USA Brazil, Dubai and Singapore.

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