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Anevia unveils its new visual identity

Anevia a leading software vendor providing innovative solutions for TV and Video delivery including live, near live, on demand and multiscreen is pleased to unveil its new visual identity today. While the company is changing, this identity illustrates its dynamism and its desire to push the limits of television.

A new logotype reflecting innovation and agility

Anevia reinvents itself and accompanies its strategic reflection on a work to overhaul its visual identity, starting with a new logotype. Anevia’s new design is an innovative sign which anchors the company in its sector and demonstrates its ambition to innovate. Its sobriety reflects Anevia’s commitment to providing value-added solutions to meet new consumer expectations. The letter “I” in blue color expresses the transcendence of innovation and new ideas to propose future-proofed solutions and to be always at the forefront of the new technologies.

The use of a dominant darkened color, gray, makes it possible to emphasize sobriety when the introduction of a bright color, blue, affirms the passion and the energy with which the company serves its customers. The use of a thin typography and lower case expresses the simplicity with a monogram with fluid lines, to symbolize the link between the teams and its customers.

A new, forward-looking baseline

Anevia’s new baseline “Your New Generation TV, now” is the promise to be proactive for its customers. It values Anevia’s expertise by referring to the end-user of its solutions.

“Our teams strive every day to meet the challenges of our customers and offer them best of breed solutions for increasingly innovative services of quality. We bring them the solutions of tomorrow and are engaged in offering a technological expertise of proximity. Our ambition is to mobilize ourselves to offer tomorrow’s television solutions by making Anevia the partner of reference, proximity and trust for our customers, “said Laurent Lafarge, Chairman and CEO of Anevia.

The launch of the new Anevia logo and baseline marks the first step in a global overhaul of the company’s visual identity, which will be phased in over the coming months.


November 24, 2014